Portugal, Morocco & Spain

Meander through traditional Spanish towns of Toledo and Sevilla, then hit the Costa Del Sol of Spain and travel across to Northern Africa into Tangiers, Morocco! Then, explore the red roofs of Lisbon, including the tomb of Vasco de Gama.

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Eastern Europe - Austria, Czech Republic & Germany

This Eastern circuit covers everything from the war torn Berlin to small town castles to the untouched Prague. See the gorgeous countryside that Eastern Europe boasts so proudly.

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East Meets West - Austria, Czech Republic & Hungary

Western Europe is touted as one of the most popular destinations in the world. But the beauty doesn't stop there. A trip East will open your eyes to the vast history, outstanding architecture, and pristine cities of Budapest, Prague, Chesky Krumlov and Salzburg... not to be missed!

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Austria & Germany

Travel to Berlin, a city once divided, and then to Munich and the nearby Dachau concentration camp. Then onward to Austria to see some of the magnificent Castles of Eastern Europe.

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Croatia & Bosnia

Explore the majestic Croatia and dive into the current history of the former Yugoslavia Country. From the beauty of natural waterfalls and crystal clear water to the medieval stone castles across this Country, you will be amazed how fast the Croatians recovered from such tragedy.

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Croatia, Bosnia & Italy

Experience the highlights of Croatia, spend a full day touring Bosnia learning the history of the former Yugoslavic Countries, and top it off with a brief tour through Florence and Venice in Italy!

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