Japan w/ Homestay

Spend your first day exploring Osaka City & the Castle. Then move through Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima, taking in the famous sights and history along the way. Check into a 'ryokan' for your next night on Miyajima Island, meandering the small village freely. Finally, take a bullet train into Tokyo for a couple days before meeting your homestay family. Enjoy 2 nights of Homestay (or longer if desired) before returning home!

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Historical Japan

Fly into Kyoto and visit the Nijo Castle alonside the Imperial Palace, Heian Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple. Continue to Hiroshima for the Peace Memorial Park Bomb Dome. After, spend another day in Kyoto exploring more Temples and Shrines that make up so much of Japan's history. Then, board a bullet train to Tokyo for a few days in the country's capital alongside a historical tour of Mt. Fuji.

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